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Why Oncology?

Why oncology?

Deep breath. Pause.

I will never forget the call. Best of friend, I have cancer.

What??? No! You’re the strong one. No!!

Yes, I have esophagus cancer. But I’m going to be ok. I’m going to be ok. I’m going to fight it and show everyone God is real.



I can’t loose you Nicki. You will fight this. I love you.

I love you too she says.

We discuss the process. Cry. Laugh. Hang up.

I, as always get in the shower where I do all my BIG praying. I let God know he can’t take her.

Over the weeks and months I call/text/do what I can from over 600 miles away.

I start feeling tugs. Little tugs on my heart to help women with cancer. People like my friend that was tired. That needed a little pick me up. Till the little tugs became bigger and louder.

I would research certification and then immediately get scared and shut the computer. I wasn’t scared of failure. I was scared of loss.

The tug at my heart grew. The urge kept coming back. Clients would come in after completing cancer treatments, we would cry together, pray together and they would always ask about Nicki and her treatments <3 I would do facials after they completed treatment.

It was great. But I knew that I could do more. I knew from seeing my best of friend DURING treatment I was being called to love on women during this time in their life. Even if there is a one day I must say good bye. I have to make their life better while they’re here.

Today, I can say I have successfully completed all the quizzes And tests required to be oncology certified.

Am I a pro at cancer diagnosis NO. THATS FOR your dermatologist/physician.

And, I know what i can and importantly what I can’t to to or around a cancerous spot, an incision, a port, etc.

I look forward to learning more about the ways I can help. And hearing about your journey. 🙏🏻

In case you're wondering, My best of friend Is still doing great and still kicking Cancers butt!! Proving GOD IS REAL

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