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Sweet Faith

I'm super excited to launch a new facial today!!

Sweet Faith is an Oncology facial for clients going thru oncology treatments. It gently cleanses, hydrates and soothes the skin.

~We will start with a gentle oil cleanser & then a cream cleanser to hydrate and relax you. Doubles cleansing removes all traces of dirt, makeup & environmental pollution from the skin. {Plus it feels nice}

~we will lightly exfoliate to remove sloughing skin to help skin look brighter and feel more refreshed.

~spritz depending on skin type

~mask depending on skin type possible use the cyro Wanda with the mask

*shoulder/declote’/neck/scalp massage if approved to do so

~moisturizer/eye cream/lip balm

~help you with a tailor for home care system

*This Facial is named after my Best of Friend and Cancer Warrior Nicole FAITH.

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