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Waxing & Sugaring

New Client Brazilian

60 min

* MUST CALL FOR APPOINTMENT * Not excepting NEW CLIENT Brazilians at this time UNLESS you have been REFERRED to us BY an existing Client. If you have been referred by an existing client, please call 704-361-2913 to secure your appointment. DO NOT shave, trim or tweeze at least ONE week before your appointment. Not taking clients for a ONE TIME appointment. ONLY if you are committed to maintaining your brazilian services yearly.

Brazilian Sugaring  / Waxing EXISTING CLIENTS

50 min

Existing Clients can book online. If you are a new client, please follow the instructions above for New Clients. Fresh. Clean. Front to Back. Organic Sugar is used to removed unwanted hair leaving you soft and smooth. Bookings available for Brazilian Sugaring OR Waxing. Please leave a note if you need trimmed. *Brazilians INCLUDE removal of ingrown hairs and instruction on how to exfoliate/care for your skin at home.

Underarm Waxing / Sugaring

15 min

Underarm maintanence. 3-4 week apt time frame. Upcharge if hair is much longer or if there are several ingrown hairs.

Half Leg Wax

30 min

PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT or book on Monday, Friday or Saturday - Leg waxes are done on particular days/times (Monday,Friday or Saturday) Half leg is either from bikini area to knee or from knee to ankles. Pprice is for both legs. Does not include bikini area or feet/toes.

Full Leg Wax

65 min

Full leg wax includes area from BELOW bikini line to feet. Does not include bikini area or feet.

Arm Waxing

45 min

Does not include underarm area.

Back or Chest Wax

45 min

Leaves skin smooth and hair free.

Bikini Wax

40 min

Bikini Line Bikini Wax This waxing is a Bikini line waxing to get you ready for the pool, beach or every day life! Clean and fresh. Does not include trimming, thigh area etc.



Please contact us! We are happy to assist you in answering any questions you might have or helping you determine the best service to fit your needs.

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